Friday, December 24, 2010

"It's going to be peeling a turtle."

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Oh, how I love old Christmas movies!

For the past year, when it comes to movies, we just haven't seen eye to eye. Josh always goes for a slap-stick comedy, and although I do enjoy a little college humor every now and then, I usually prefer something with a little more of a complex storyline; a drama that lets me invest in the characters or even an action-packed thriller to keep me on the edge of my seat. In effort to stave off an hour long search on netflix trying to find a suitable compromise, we started with the claymation classics, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We both grew up watching them, so there was no conflict here. Besides, with narration by Fred Astaire and Burl Ives, what's not to like?

...and then I decided to take a chance. I set up his DVR to record two of my favorite Bing Crosby classics; White Christmas and Holiday Inn. Cuddled up on the couch with Penny in tow, I talked him into watching one. Imagine my elation as I saw him smiling and swooning along with me to the velvety smooth crooning of Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. It was a perfect evening with my love.

The next day, I was surprised to recieve a voicemail from Josh asking me to come over for some cheese and crackers and "I thought we could watch that Holiday Inn movie". =) Now I don't know if he truly wanted to watch it, or he just knows how much I love the flick but either way, I have an amazing, handsome man who loves to see me happy. What more could a girl ask for?

I've learned many things over the past year; about relationships, Joshua, and myself. Perhaps the most important lesson I've learned...or maybe re-learned, is that even the most love-filled relationships take work...and lots of it! I've learned that I don't mind a little struggle as long as it's constructive, and I have definitely learned that sometimes I need to take a step back and trust that my Joshua has my best interest at heart. He usually does. =)

Right now, this semi-cheesy quote is my mantra of the year:

"Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it."
-Harvey MacKay

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm off to enjoy my Christmas Eve!


"Snow" from White Christmas
"White Christmas" Bing Crosby
"Here (In Your Arms)" Hellogoodbye
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