Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a little yin for my yang.

So, I have decided that I just can't turn off my computer without posting something positive to counteract my negative purge of ridiculousness. (see previous post...or don't). This is what I've come up with:

Remember this face?

Well now it looks like this:
That's right! Penny the Puggle is all grown up and turning 1!
Penny's birthday is coming up on the 21st so I thought I'd share a few more recent photos of her first year with us; I love my ferocious little girl!

Little Miss Attitude

Yes, I'm one of those people who dress their dog.
She gets cold!

Penny's first snow. She's not a fan.

Right now she's cuddled up on the bed with me, stealing my covers and snoring away. Such a sweetheart.

Goodnight...er, morning! Here's to hoping my alarm clock finds me well rested and kind hearted in the morrow!



Monday, March 14, 2011

The "mean girl" in me.

I know I have a lot to recap, as *oops* it's been another month since I've graced this lonely little corner of the internet with a fresh post. My apologies. However, instead of telling you about the sweet gifts I received for the [formerly] dreaded Valentine's day or telling you how Uncle Sam redeemed himself in my eyes with a much needed tax refund...I thought I would spend a few minutes while I finish my Guinness to do what Eeyores do best; complain.

I am having a Mean Girl Moment. It happens....oh, say....once a month...when, for some reason, something trivial sets me off. This time around, it's the lurking demon on everyone's bookmark bar...Facebook. Facebook is a wondrously evil invention of my generation, for it allows you to share every meaningless detail of your present while simultaneously making it next to impossible to truly escape your past.

How many Facebook "friends" do you have? I have 620. I just looked it up because, of course, I'm logged on at the moment. 620? Can this really be necessary? The sad thing is that my 620 seems modest compared to some users. If you ask me, this whole social networking thing is getting out of control.

Do we really need to make our friendship "Facebook official" if I met you once at a party 2 years ago and we have 7 friends in common? Sure. Where's the harm in that? My family? Of course, because how would they ever know what's going on with my life without reading it online? What?I'm supposed to pick up my phone and call them? No texting? Unheard of. But here's where it gets tricky; what about the family/friends of your significant other? Okay, it's a nice medium to share photos and stay in touch, but what happens when Josh and I are having a rough patch and I use this lovely little blog to vent about it? The ever informative Facebook links to this blog...it could get dangerous.

All of this rambling leads to this; my current Facebook-fueled issue comes in the form of a girl from Joshua's past. The situation is irrelevant at this time but it is sufficient to say there is a fair amount of bitterness attached to this chick, from all persons involved. (Of course it's mainly coming from me...didn't you read the title?!)

The issue is that after he ended contact with her, by my request, which I have mixed emotions on to this day; she started commenting on his page excessively. Very passive-aggressive. I'm not trying to paint the picture of a stalker a la Glen Close in Fatal Attraction, but just enough to be obnoxious to me and cause a few completely unnecessary argument between the two of us. He asked her to stop more than once, and she apparently couldn't handle the request.

Neither he nor I are "friends" with her anymore but we do have friends in common. So now every time I "comment" on one of their pages, she posts directly after me, without fail. Silly, right? Now, I fully admit I am beyond ridiculous for dedicating an entire post to this. Could I be over exaggerating the situation due to a hormonally enhanced protectiveness over my Joshua? It's probable. I have no illusions of my sanity at the moment. I just thought it better to channel my snarkiness into a post instead of unloading it all onto Josh's shoulders, who at the moment, is kind of being the perfect boyfriend. I love him mucho. I'm over the bitterness. I hate that this petty emotion has crept its way into my relationship and bred resentment between the two of us. Freakin' Facebook.

So, again, for the cheap seats; I am ridiculous. Facebook is ridiculous. And to this chick, may she ever stumble upon this ridiculous little post; it's enough already.

And in the momentarily hilarious words of Charlie Sheen;

"Sizzle! Losing! Bye!"

*Good Lord, I am ashamed of myself for this post. Anyone have a similar ridiculous annoyance to complain about and make me feel like less of a teenager?


"Misery Business" Paramore
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