Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mantra of the month: Don't be Eeyore.

So, its been over a month since my last entry. Shame on me. Bad blogger. I have noticed that I am a much more prolific writer about matters of the heart than every day life. I certainly feel much more drawn to the keyboard when I've got something to complain or cry about than when life is good. How obnoxious is that?

This post will be a literary purge of sorts for me, then. For those of you who politely subscribe but don't truly care about all of the minutiae of my life, I'll summarize;

-Happy Birthday, Jesus
-New Year's SUCKED
-2011 is here and now I've got some work to do.

Christmas with the family was great. I love love love my Keurig coffee maker, thoughtfully given to me by my momma (no advertisement implied, I just really like that I can make my coffee one cup at a time rather than wasting an entire pot....but I digress). I received some snuggly pink amazingness from the bf in the form of fuzzy socks (fave!), fluffy robe (love!) and a giftcard to replenish my depleted underwear drawer (helpful safety tip; puppies love underwear...and they will find it no matter what it takes!).

Quite awhile ago I decided that I wanted to gift Joshua with a leather bible this year for Christmas. My mother gave my father his bible on their first Christmas as a couple and I thought it would be a meaningful tradition to continue. At the time, Josh had been using a bible handed down to him by a friend and although the physical appearance of the Word certainly doesn't matter as much as the truth inside, I thought it would be nice for him to carry a bible with his own name on the cover. =)

More than anything, I long for the Bible to be the foundation of my relationship. I want to grow in knowledge and in faith together because I believe it will only draw us closer to one another. Although we met at the same church, Josh and I differ, more than slightly, in our opinions of fellowship and in our knowledge of scripture. I do believe that we are after the same thing, and we can absolutely meet in the middle as long as we are both willing to hold each other accountable.

Fast forward a week and some change to NYE and I am miserably sick. As in, leaving work early and crying to my mom on the phone like a child because I have a 103 degree fever and can barely stay conscious. I rang in the new year with the chills, handfuls of painkillers, a sip at a time of gatorade, and the most caring man I've ever met in my life literally by my bedside. So, that's that.

Welcomed properly or no, the new year is here. I would like 2011 to be a year of change for me. I don't know if it's this below freezing weather (global warming, where are you??) or what, but I find myself growing tired of not-so-small town life here in Nebraska. While I've never been near a farm in my life, I do tire of running into people who have known me since forever and have already formed their opinions of me based on high school labels.

If I'm honest, I don't feel that I am living up to the expectations ascribed to me 5 years ago. Cheerleader. Performer. Honors Student. Scholarship Winner. I'm not sure exactly where I pictured myself half a decade out of high school, but I'm certain it's not here; still an undergrad with a full time job, car on the verge of expiring, and Lord, quite a few extra pounds on my waistline.

Ah! Here I go again, complain, complain, complain. I'm constantly reminding Joshua and MYSELF to not be Eeyore. The sun could be shining and I could still make you a list of the reasons why the rain is on it's way. Silly! Instead of listing the things about my life I would love to change, I want to CHANGE them. Starting now. 50 situps....aaaaand.....go!


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Brian said...

Hey welcome back to the Blogging world! It sounds like things are going well! Great to hear it! : )

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