Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three o'clock.

If my life were a reality show, tonight's episode would feature a makeup-less me, sitting alone in my apartment, snoring puggle at my feet. You would see me walk around in various states of undress, trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Failure. In attempt to distract my restless mind, I turn on the computer and navigate directly to my hulu queue, hoping to be lulled to sleep by the adolescent drama of Pretty Little Liars (I have no shame).

The first set of commercials is nearly over when the screen freezes. Great. Restart the computer. Check the security system, firewall and malware protection turned off? Amazing, how long has this been going on? Thanks for the heads up, McAfee. Screen freezes again, shortly followed by the blue screen of death. Expletives abound.

Now it's 4 in the a.m. and the only thing I've managed to do is ramble my way through this post on my phone, cursing the person who convinced me using swype on a touchscreen phone was a good option for me. I just had to type the word "option" 5x before it understood that I was not trying to say "litton", whatever the eff that means.

Also, I now desperately need the wen haircare system thanks to Alyssa Milano and this half hour infomercial.

I am coming to the realization that alone time is not working for me right now. All of this "space" is suffocating me. That's my obvious observation of the night.

No one would watch this reality show.

No xoxo tonight kiddos, it's more like...


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Monday, June 13, 2011

& so she went to bed with only her sunburn to keep her warm...

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...and slipped into a dream of brighter days spent with the one she loves.

Nebraska is where my roots have grown deep. I love my family and friends and as trite as it may sound, there really is no place like home. Lately my heart has grown restless. Sleep evades me and I find myself constantly searching for the exit to the routinized existence that has become my life. I feel a storm brewing in my soul, it's time to go...but this time, I don't want to do it alone.

Nothing is for certain. If I've learned anything over the past few years it is that my carefully constructed plans have a way of turning themselves into complete chaos, and my stumblings have a way of turning themselves into great memories, life lessons, and the happiest of accidents. There is perfection in the disorganized randomness of my life.

Time for a change in scenery?
Colorado looks good on us, no?

Someday, maybe.
We shall see. 


"Falling" Florence And The Machine
"Hometown Glory" Adele

Monday, June 6, 2011

le sigh

Ah, you guys. Things are kind of sucky right now.

Tauri the Taurus is a goner. My beloved car (may she rest in peace) is no more. We've finally come to the point in our relationship where it's either time to put a lot of work into her or call it quits. I had to make a judgement call and I just can't justify spending more than the value of the car to replace the transmission. Sad face. Now I'm dealing with the buy another clunker vs. take on a car payment debate. I freaking hate making decisions, y'all. To make matters worse, while I hem and haw around, I am switching between borrowing my parents'volvo and relying on the boyfriend to haul me around. I feel like a nuisance and a little bit of a failure because I don't have the financial freedom to resolve the situation immediately. 

I'm a big fan of gameplans, and right now the name of the game is save as much dinero as possible. Mind you, this breakdown landed smack in between my birthday and our (soon to be blogged about) Colorado trip. Happy fun times. It's just been one of those eff my life weeks, and it's only Monday! So, if you, my dear readers, could send a happy thought my way...Gosh, I'd really appreciate it.


We've been through a lot, old girl. You took me to college, made the Neb-TX drive so many times without breaking down on me...ever, and served as hideout during my freshmen year lunch breaks when I didn't know a soul in town and would cry over my Chik-fil-a waffle fries. I made new friends and drove them around in you. You served as the backdrop to many a break up/make up. Your radio always knew how to play the perfect song at the perfect time to cheer me up, or inspire me to write a blog. I think I even spent a night or two in the backseat when I was too broke to afford a hotel room that night in Austin. Come to think of it, thank you Tauri (and baby Jesus!) for keeping me safe that night in Austin. 

You will be missed, my jelly bean shaped car, thanks for the memories.



Saturday, June 4, 2011

[birthday] wishes come true

Yes, I know. I haven't posted in awhile...again. I'm not lacking in material, just the time/motivation to sit down and type it all! I will do better, I promise. Until then, there are a few photos from my birthday on the 21st of May. I'm 24 now...eep!

After dinner at Carmela's (very happy Vanessa)
My bday present from Joshua

I didn't really believe in the whole "Judgement Day 5.21.11" thing
...but we watched these clouds carefully, just in case ;-)

May 21 is also Penny Lane's "gotcha day!"
It's been a crazy year, but we love her soooo much!
Nothing like a birthday serenade from my love.

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