Monday, June 6, 2011

le sigh

Ah, you guys. Things are kind of sucky right now.

Tauri the Taurus is a goner. My beloved car (may she rest in peace) is no more. We've finally come to the point in our relationship where it's either time to put a lot of work into her or call it quits. I had to make a judgement call and I just can't justify spending more than the value of the car to replace the transmission. Sad face. Now I'm dealing with the buy another clunker vs. take on a car payment debate. I freaking hate making decisions, y'all. To make matters worse, while I hem and haw around, I am switching between borrowing my parents'volvo and relying on the boyfriend to haul me around. I feel like a nuisance and a little bit of a failure because I don't have the financial freedom to resolve the situation immediately. 

I'm a big fan of gameplans, and right now the name of the game is save as much dinero as possible. Mind you, this breakdown landed smack in between my birthday and our (soon to be blogged about) Colorado trip. Happy fun times. It's just been one of those eff my life weeks, and it's only Monday! So, if you, my dear readers, could send a happy thought my way...Gosh, I'd really appreciate it.


We've been through a lot, old girl. You took me to college, made the Neb-TX drive so many times without breaking down on me...ever, and served as hideout during my freshmen year lunch breaks when I didn't know a soul in town and would cry over my Chik-fil-a waffle fries. I made new friends and drove them around in you. You served as the backdrop to many a break up/make up. Your radio always knew how to play the perfect song at the perfect time to cheer me up, or inspire me to write a blog. I think I even spent a night or two in the backseat when I was too broke to afford a hotel room that night in Austin. Come to think of it, thank you Tauri (and baby Jesus!) for keeping me safe that night in Austin. 

You will be missed, my jelly bean shaped car, thanks for the memories.



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