Friday, August 14, 2009

I bless the rains down in Africa...

The other night I had THE BEST driving experience possible. I roll in a supafly '97 Ford Taurus, so I don't have a CD player...or even a cassette player in my car. =) Therefore, I am at the mercy of the radio DJs for my auditory enjoyment.

While driving home from work I heard my two of my favorite driving songs of all time-in a row! Driving songs to me are a big deal. They're the tunes that I enjoy best when I'm in my car alone or with a close friend, and I can just crank up the volume and rock out! I've been thinking about the first one for awhile. It's "Africa" by Toto. Freakin' gnarly song. I have no idea why, but it's exactly the type of tune I can seriously groove out to. And I did. I turned the key just as the first chords started to play. Score! My poor little Tori's (that's what I call my car, Tori, Taurus, get it?) speakers were about to bust out. Good times.

Next, I glance out the window (at a red light of course, safety first!) and notice that it's a full moon tonight. My musician's brain immediately thinks that I need to hear Werewolves of London. Guess which song played next? I swear to you. Awooo! Werewolves of London. Hand on the Bible. My life was complete for the next four minutes. I guarantee the person at the stoplight next to me thought I was having a seizure or something. I couldnt've cared less.

As I arrived home, I decided that I've been taking life too seriously of late. I haven't been taking adequate time to stop and appreciate the little happinesses that make life worth living. Yes, I'm a HUGE dork for getting so excited about quite possibly two of the most random songs ever playing back-to-back. But LIFE is random. It makes no sense sometimes. And the sooner we realize this, stop trying to control EVERYTHING and try to just go with the flow, the better off we will be.

So, that's my epiphany of the week. Not exactly Ghandi-level stuff, but it'll do.
Song: "Africa" Toto


Fade & Blur said...

Moments like this are a great reality check :)

You have a great writing style - flows nicely, amusing, easy to read!

Abhishek said...

I don't think it's dorky to get excited about two of your favorite songs playing on the radio. I think it's ...exciting...

And I agree with Fade & Blur, your writing is very easy to read and amusing

vanessasings said...

awww *shucks* Thanks folks, I try ;-)

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