Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Date Night Drama: From Bling to Breakdown

Oh, hi there! I apologize for my absence. I was working two jobs and having no social life again, silly me, forgot to blog!

Josh and I are still doing the date night thing, this time we ventured to Granite City here in town. He told me to pick my favorite restaurant, but I over-analyzed (duh) and chose GC because I thought Josh would like it. End result? Neither of us were thrilled. My wine was great but let's face it, I always think the wine is great. After dinner was finished, we decided to skip dessert and get the check.

We headed to Carmela's Bistro and Wine Bar afterwards, and I must say, Carmela's saved the evening. The atmosphere is so welcoming; definitely upscale in prices and service, but I would have been comfortable in jeans and flats. We ordered creme brulee, a bottle of bubbly, and cuddled up at a cozy corner table. Josh couldn't wipe the grin off his face, so I knew something was up.

About halfway through the delicious dessert, he held my left hand and took off the cocktail ring I was wearing. When my confused eyes met his, I could see the candle light reflecting in the tears brimming in his baby blues. Before I knew it, out of my mouth comes, "Don't do it!". He asked what I meant and I blurted, "Don't propose!". He chuckled, told me not to worry and reached into his pocket and pulled out something delicate and very shiny.

A ring with diamonds, but not a diamond ring. I loved it. He told me I have his heart. I adore him. Luckiest girl in the world.

....and then my car broke down.

Life has a way of keeping you humble, doesn't it? I seem to go from floating on clouds to bawling my eyes out in seconds, I'm very stable that way. In any matter, my car is not dead. Tauri the Taurus lives to fight another day...with a brand new water pump expertly installed by Joshua's older brother. I live a charmed life, folks. I am blessed beyond imagination and always provided for.

I have a flare for the dramatic, as evidenced by most of my posts on this blog ;-) I wish I would have handled the the car situation better instead of letting stress and thoughts of dollar signs dancing in my head overtake the happy moment I was given. All I can say is that I'm working on it, I am always learning and trying to improve myself, luckily I have a man in my life who loves me "for [my] mess", as he describes it. That's more than enough for me =)

Here are some photos from our very eventful evening out:

"Maybe I'm Amazed" Paul McCartney

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Sicksville. Population....Me.

Anyone can bring you flowers on the first date. Only true love shows up at your apartment after a long day at work with chicken noodle soup, cold medicine, cough drops, and mentholated chest rub.

My beau had a rough day today. First of all, he's moving into his new apartment and it has been raining on and off all last night and throughout the day. Then, on his way to work, his car key broke off in the ignition. Random, right? He had to call a locksmith and I don't understand everything it entailed, but he said something about his console being dismantled. No fun. On top of everything, my honey worked a long shift late into the night and yet, he still called me on his break to ask me how I was doing. Unbelievable. He asked if I needed anything, and started to make a list, even though I told him it was unnecessary.

This man then shows up at my door with all of the aforementioned medicines, rubs my feet and embraces me, ignoring my germ-ridden contagiousness and the pile of half-used tissues on my bed. Nicest. Boyfriend. EVER!

This is my life, people. I don't understand it. I should be helping Josh move into his new apartment but instead, I am the one being taken care of. I'm not used to being on the receiving end of this kind of treatment. Before he left this evening I asked him, "Are you always going to be like this? Like, taking care of me, bringing me stuff and being nice?" to which he smiled and answered, "Yes. I mean, I have my moments, but yeah. This is me."

It makes me proud to know that there are people in this world who are just genuinely and inherently good. It makes me blessed to know that I'm dating one of them. This is the boy I crushed on all throughout early adolescence. This is the sailor who stole my heart during my freshman year in college. This is the man who loves me more than anything and thinks I'm the prettiest girl he's ever seen.

Joshua Michael, you're the best. Now, stay away from me and my germs. I love you more!

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