Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nobody likes you when you're 23...

...except for my gorgeous girl, Penny!

Friday was my birthday. So, now I'm 23, I think that's how birthdays work; you survive for 365 days, and they give you another tally mark. Instead of spending my birthday out with friends as I usually do, I spent it at my parent's house with my family and Joshua...and baby Penny the Puggle! Josh and I left at the crack of 10:30 to make the nearly two hour drive to Grand Island, NE to meet the breeder. We listened to oldies and smiled the whole way, I couldn't wait to meet my puppy!

The breeder asked us to meet her at the Walmart "off the first exit" whatever that means, I don't speak Interstate, so I just drove into town until I found a Walmart. Honestly, it felt kind of like a drug deal....I handed her the cash, she handed me the dog. In the parking lot. Of a Walmart. Nevertheless, Penny the Puggle is here and she is the cutest thing ever and has such a sweet temperament. She is very friendly and loves to play with everyone, but she definitely prefers to cuddle with her momma =)

I love our little family!

On the car ride home

Too cute, right?

Look at her little wrinkles!

Playing with her favorite chew toy, it's a pacifier...cuz she's a baby =-)

Well, Happy Monday, everybody! Penny Lane and I are going to take a nap before I head off to my afternoon class and work! I hope your weekend was filled with as much love as mine was!


"What's My Age Again?" Blink 182
"Say Aah" Trey Songz feat Fabolous

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