Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Haircut, Batman

Okay, so there's something you should know about me.

I don't handle change well. I have a little bit of a control issue, and I don't like it when things happen that I either couldn't prevent, or just didn't see coming.

Lately, life has been more than slightly nutzo. I got a puppy on Friday (my b-day), an MRI on Saturday, and put my two weeks notice in at my current job on Sunday. Busy weekend, to say the least. And mainly because of the health issues I've been dealing with for the past few months, and just the general feeling of not knowing what's been going on, I've felt like I'm not in control of my body, my emotions, my life! I've been focusing on the things I can change, the things I do have control over. Thus, I decided to get a haircut today. I made an appointment at the salon and I was super excited, just wanted to get a little trim and get some shorter, side-swept bangs. Nothing drastic, just a little something new.

K, well I am now minus eight inches. Eight. I asked for 3-4 to be cut off, just so it would be lighter and more manageable for summer. My stylist, whom I have always been pleased with, got a little scissor happy I guess, I don't know. Bottom line; my hair is too freakin' short. And I, being the change-phob that I am, well, I'm not super chill about it. I cried. Like Julia freakin' Roberts in Steel Magnolias. Don't worry, I waited until I was in my car with my sunglasses on before I had my irrational meltdown. My mother would be proud.

Alright, I'm done being a baby now. Hair grows back, and I have a lot of good things going on right now. Sometimes I think these little curve balls are thrown our way in life so that we can learn a lesson in humility. I have food. I get to eat every single day. I don't have to worry about having clean water to drink or money to pay the bills (unless I overindulge in a little retail therapy that month), I have love in my life and family and friends and an adorable puppy. I am blessed beyond blessed, and although my life may be a stressful right now, I do have faith that there is a plan for me and God has some good things up his sleeve. I'll get the MRI results back soon, and we'll go from there. New job=good. New puppy=good. New haircut=whatever. Life goes on. We'll file this under ridiculous things I've cried over lately.

Mantra of the week: Glass half full. Embrace the change. Suppress the crazy.

"I am not my hair" India.Arie

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