Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart the zoo!

Last weekend Josh & I drove to Omaha with his mother, Dixie, to the Henry Doorly Zoo. The weather was perfect! A day at the zoo was a great change of pace from our usual weekend activities (read: lay around the house and do nothing because it's too hot to commit to an entire day of being outside).
Did you know my name means butterfly in Hebrew?
I've always loved them!

another beautiful butterfly

I think this guy is so cool.
He seemed to be studying the zoo patrons just as much as we were studying him.

Begging for peanuts. 

No photo editing needed for this one.
The Lord makes animals in the most beautiful of colors.
The Aquarium is by far my favorite place.
I could stay there all day.

I didn't capture a very high quality photo of this guy.
I didn't take very many pictures in the aquarium because I was too busy enjoying it!

The object of my affection.
yup. matching sunglasses.
In short, if you are in the area and have not yet visited the Henry Doorly Zoo, it is well worth the drive and the $13 admission. Every mile a memory.

*all photos personal unless otherwise noted

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