Monday, September 12, 2011

[A little more than] Two Cents

My sweet love-

If I could push a button and erase the doubt in your mind, 
about family and relationships and faith, 
I would. 
If I could cut a deal to take your pain as my own, 
I wouldn't hesitate.  

I wish I had a looking glass,
or a genie with a magic wish.
I'd take you with me far away,
into the future that could be,
and will be if you let it.

I see friendship, 

This world holds so much good for you,
my dearest friend.
Great success will come to you,
happiness is yours for the taking!
...if you could only get out of your own way.

Don't deny the ones who love you,
just because holding a piece of your heart
puts you at risk to have it broken.

People will always let you down,
place your trust in the One who made you.
He knows you best of all and loves you
exactly where you are.

I've loved you so long
but He's loved you longer.
Forgive me for thinking I knew better.
My intentions were pure but my execution-

If I could ask one thing of you,
please stay awhile.
Ride it out, 
don't lose hope.

Come what may.

Let's take this journey,
this chance,
this adventure.

Sink or swim.

I love you more than I can reason.
Will you ever know?

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