Sunday, April 3, 2011

Please baby Jesus, send me to Ireland. P.S. I love you.

Wow. April already? Time flies when you're doing absolutely nothing with your life. Okay, so that's not true but it feels like it sometimes. Don't mind me, I've been under the weather this weekend and Josh is away with his best friend in Alabama...drinking coffee, smoking cigars and most likely using deplorable grammar. For those of you who think I'm being judgmental, I tell you this; literally every time he has called me since his departure, he has told me he is "fixin' to" do one thing or another. ;-)

My genius plan to cheer myself up while the bf is away for nine days? Keep busy. And then I got sick. Can't breathe. So after emptying my hulu queue and watching all nineteen episodes of My So-Called Life on Netflix, I decided on pizza and a movie. So, now I'm feeling guilty for the calories and crying while I watch P.S. I Love You. Genius plan=LOSING. I don't even like Hilary Swank. I mean, I know I'm supposed to support her success because she hails from my state and all, but I just can't see past the fact that her teeth take up half of the television screen. Good Lord, those chompers. On the plus side, I get Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Harry Conick Jr. in the same flick. Amen.

Tomorrow is national time to go back to work day, also known as Monday, and although I'm sure it will suck as much as a normal Monday does, I am bound and determined to make something out of the next few days. It's gonna take some decongestant, tylenol, and a heck of a lot of caffeine...but I'm ready to get out of this apartment! Bring it on, world! ...but for now, I think I'll open a bottle of Moscato, snuggle up with Penny the puggle and complete my sad little single girl (not really) stereotype for the night. Or maybe a Guinness. Gotta love it.

How was your weekend, friends?




"Here Without You" 3 Doors Down

***I miss you JMD, dream date tonight? See you there, love.***

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Your fav Texan said...

Lol you've got space/time all to yourself for nine days and you are failing all over the place! Get out there and paint the town red!

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