Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the longest day of the year...and Lincoln, Nebraska, has spent most of it in a thunderstorm. The sun is finally peeking it's way through the clouds after a morning of dreary, soppiness. I absolutely love warm weather, and am so looking forward to Summer 2010!

On the to-do list this summer...
  • Lazy days in the park with Penny
  • New Connect Group (bible study)
  • Tampa (!) with Joshua for the 4th of July
  • Move into new apartment!
  • $ave for new car...Tauri has seen better days, folks.
  • Puppy training classes for Penny
  • Go to the Nebraska State Fair [hello! Lifehouse, Josh Turner, Phil Vassar]
  • Take lots & lots of photos, remember everything!
Summer is here!
What are your plans?

"Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer" Nat "King" Cole
"Summertime" Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong
"Summer Breeze" Jason Mraz (Seals and Crofts cover)
"This Afternoon" Nickelback

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