Thursday, June 3, 2010

[in love] & WAR.

You are a ghost-
Lingering but not present.
I can see, but I can't feel you.

There's an emptiness in your eyes,
So what of your soul?
It worries me.

What troubles you, love?
Say the word and I will be at the ready,
weapon in hand.
I would fight unto forever for you.

Have you fallen into a waking slumber?
Eyes open, but heart closed?
Who holds the key?

Oh, but there are moments, love.
Wonderful moments filled with sun,
when the light returns to your face.
Your eyes shine like diamonds of ocean-blue,
and I can see my smile in them, mirroring your own.

What is it that you desire?
Show me the longing of your heart,
and I will take on any foe to give it to you.

We're in a battle, you and I.
But I know nothing of the prize,
nor what consequences may befall should we fail.

In the end,
If love makes fools of us all;
I want to say it was worth it,
and count you, always, as my friend.

"Battle" Colbie Callait [listen to the LYRICS!]

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