Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A question for you

How much stock do you put in dreams?

I used to think they mean something, now I'm not so sure. It's not that I've changed my mind so much as I'm hoping now that they are meaningless. I used to have a relatively good report with my dreams. Good or bad, I would remember them for the first few moments upon waking, and consequently recall them less as less as the day went on. I would assume most people share this experience. Lately, my subconscious and I must be on the outs or something, because I've been having dreams almost nightly, usually with a similar theme or cast of characters, and they stick with me throughout the day. Lame.

These silly dreams are confusing me. The constant appearance of a certain someone from my past usually leaves me with a mild heartache all day. I have woken to the wetness of tears forming in the corners of my sleeping eyes on more than once occasion this past week...what's up with that?

I'm doing the 'happy' thing right now. I left the job which was slowly sucking the soul out of me for one I am equally talented at and leaves me fulfilled each day. I am financially sound and being semi-responsible with money for the first time since I learned that I could withdraw the babysitting money out of my savings account when I was 13. I have a man who loves me, near as I can tell, and has been really sweet to me, even when I haven't deserved it. Oh, and I have a puppy, a really freakin' cute one! Happy all around, right?

So, what is the deal with this dream-induced melancholy I'm battling today? I'm having a moment. Okay, I'm having several moments. I've been reading about dreams, and most theorists and psychiatrists tend to assert that dreams are the work of one's subconscious. A recent study showed that dreams are mostly the results of recent experiences. Well, my dreams aren't paying much attention to that study, apparently. My unconscious mind is seemingly anchored in the past, and I'd really just like to move the hell on and make with the happy!

So...assuming Freud is right and there's something to this whole subconscious thing...I have a message for mine;


Sweet Dreams,
"Been Too Long" & "Slow Me Down" Emmy Rossum

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