Friday, October 30, 2009

22 candles

I'll be thinking of you today,
my dearest of friends.

Circumstance divides us,
putting more distance between us
than miles ever could;
keeping me from my heart.

If I could call you up today,
I'd say I'm sorry.
Sorry for everything,
but I regret not.
And I love you always.

If I could hear your voice,
I'd tell you just how proud I am.
How my heart is filled with hope for the future,
both yours and mine,
though our fates may never intertwine again.

Through the years, I've been certain of one thing;
You are bound for greatness.
I hope that one day I will see you,
sip coffee with you,
listen to your stories,
laugh with you,
and know your friendship once more.

Until then, I'll remember the
warmth of your smile,
the sparkle in your eye,
the taste of your kiss,
and the strength of your heart.

Happy Birthday.

"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" John Mayer
"Birthday Song" Abra Moore

& "Closer" by Joshua Radin (because I'm obsessed with this song)

1 comment:

Tracie said...

Wow! This makes me think of someone....
Happy Weekend!

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