Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day '09- Climate Control

Climate Change. Global Warming. The Greenhouse Effect. What's the big deal?

Webster's Dictionary defines Global Warming as an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures widely predicted to occur due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting especially from pollution. This definition is circa 1969, so why is it only making headlines in recent years? Obviously Climate Change is not a new concept, scientists have been warning us about it for years. The reason it is becoming such a hot topic lately is not because "going green" is trendy, but because the rate at which we are putting harmful gasses into the air is growing at an alarming rate.

In honor of Blog Action Day 2009, I calculated my carbon footprint via The Nature Conservancy's website. According to The Nature Conservancy, the average person in the United States emits 27 tons of CO2 eq/year taking into account Home Energy, Driving and Flying, Food and Diet, and Recycling and Waste. So, when I found out my estimated emissions was 'only' 13 tons of CO2 eq/year, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I unplug my appliances when they're not being used, don't eat red meat, and have relocated so that I'm not driving as many miles to work each day. Yep, I'm 'only' emitting 13 tons of ozone-depleting gas into the atmosphere every year. No big deal.

I was feeling pretty good, that is until I scrolled a little further down the page. The world average per person is 5.5 tons of CO2 eq/year. I am more than double that amount, and I hate to break it to you, average resident of the good ole U.S. of A, but you're nearly five times that amount! This is kind of a big deal, folks. Simply put, if this earth was our landlord, we would be the suckiest tenants ever. Can you say, eviction?

Clearly something needs to change, and instead of just talking about it, I am going to make the change start with me. On this Blog Action Day, October 15, 2009, I am making a pledge. Nothing drastic, just everyday things that I can commit to.

I pledge to:
  • Always recycle my soda cans, even if the recycling bin is full and the trash can is so much closer....
  • Start using a reusable water bottle instead of buying packages of them each month.
  • Do all of my laundry in cold water and use the dryer sparingly.
  • Not let the water run while I brush my teeth. I'm really bad about this one, guys.
  • Buy a bike for Eco-friendly warm-weather transportation.
  • Replace my light bulbs with the neat twisty ones. [very technical terms, I know.]
  • Unplug my phone charger when I'm not using it. Did you know that still uses electricity?
  • Get rid of my old clunker as soon as fiscally possible.
  • Shop Organic. I buy mostly organic food, but I definitley have some beauty products that could be traded in.
  • Donate my time to an organization, plant a tree, pick up trash, something!

What will YOU do?

-V. O'Neel


"Global Warming" Vermillion Lies


Tom Bailey said...

I connected to you through another blog.

Thats a great list of things to do to help the enviroment.

Best regards

Tracie said...

The great thing about doing your laundry in cold water is that it not only helps the earth, but it also keeps colors from running and clothes from shrinking!! And if you hang them up to dry then you are doing even better!

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