Saturday, September 12, 2009

...and so she would play.

Another bad day today.
Another fear realized,
another White Knight fallen.

A weight builds on her shoulder,
too heavy to ignore.
Her dark green eyes
were brimming with tears,
too many to blink away...

...and so she would play.

Clumsy fingers on cracked ivory,
spilling furiously over the keys.
Fingertips pressing into the old wood,
plunking out unwritten songs
of waking dreams and memories.

Love unrequited brings
heartbreak, and pain.
With no resolution,
prayers seem unanswered,
her questions remain.

But music is easy,
a melody can heal.
Words failed and tears fell;
life threatened
to steal her smile away...

...and so she would play.


Author's Note: VERY rough draft. But it stems from my memories of playing my old piano (pictured above). I still think there's an escape and a release found in playing the piano. No words are necessary, you can just let your fingers and the keys do the speaking. Isn't music the greatest? =)

-V. O'Neel


"Bella's Lullaby" Carter Burwell (although I don't think this is from the soundtrack)

"Lullaby, (Goodnight My Angel)" Billy Joel


heavealie said...

i totally agree with you music is like the greatest gift from god to humans.don't know how music can just lighten your mood,transform something bad to good,bring light in darkness.there's no life without music it teaches you the way of have very well used this subject in your poetry!!if only i could learn to play piano and guitar!!btw!!do you know how to play a piano??

vanessasings said...

I certainly do! Piano is in my soul just as much as singing, sometimes the keys can express what words can not. Guitar is next on my list, actually, it has been for years.

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