Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's always the same.

There is a time of night when sleep should come,
but doesn't.
My eyes ache, but refuse to close.
My body is weary,
my soul, restless.

As dawn breaks through the curtained window,
my body gives in to nature.
My eyes slowly and reluctantly close,
and I am in my nightmare.

I stand in the open air,
wind whipping around my body.
My face stings as strands of my tangled hair
blow and come crashing into me.

Steady tears spill like raindrops
down my windblown face, but
I am silent.
I want to call out to you,
to scream, but my no sound finds me.
My efforts are lost in the swirling storm.

Moments pass and I realize
my arms are outstretched,
I strain to see what it is that they want,
but there is nothing.

I try to move but I am frozen,
Panic sets in and I struggle,
remembering what comes next.

Out of the blackness,
I see your face.
A small scream escapes my lips,
and I am awake.


"Sleep" Eric Whitacre
"Calling You" Celine Dion


heavealie said...

love is a very powerful ingredient for a poem if used well.and here you have used it pretty well.i was listening to frou frou-let go while reading your poem so it kind of invoked the emotions that this poem required!!well written and keep writing!!

vanessasings said...

I love that song, good call! Thank you for the kind words =)

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