Tuesday, September 8, 2009

down to my last dollar

Things have been a little heavy lately, and I think it's important to do a fun exercise every so often, to lighten up!

List 10 things you would buy with your last $20.

1. orbit bubblemint chewing gum (necessity)
2. gasoline for Tauri
3. a can of diet coke (necessity)
4. burt's bees chapstick
5. a cheap novel
6. ramen noodles (so I don't starve when I'm penniless)
7. a spiral notebook
8. pack of black ballpoint pens
9. glass of vodka & water with lemon (why not?)
10. a lottery ticket
(The pink one with the tiara is my piggy bank. Adorable, isn't she?)

1 comment:

orbit bubblemint said...

Orbit gum is also one of my last dollar necessities. So awesome.

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