Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never WILL I ever...

List 50 things you will NEVER do

1. skydive.
2. swim with sharks. (or skydive into a tank of sharks, for that matter.)
3. pierce my eyebrow.
4. get a tattoo of a rose.
5. buy a Ford Taurus.
6. own any kind of lizzard.
7. pose for Playboy.
8. wear lipliner.
9. have to go to rehab.
10. drink cheap Tequila ever again.
11. be a Metal fan. Just can't get into it.
12. Watch an entire episode of Lost without getting frustrated and turning the channel.
13. forget that kiss on the side of the road in the pouring rain.
14. become a famous trapeze artist.
15. use a racial slur, even in jest.
16. stop wondering...
17. forget where I was on September 11, 2001.
18. closely follow golf, baseball, or tennis.
19. be a size 0.
20. have elective surgery.
21. forget how blessed I am.
22. give up on my best friend,
23. or on being a good friend.
24. work fast food ever again.
25. forget my little autistic friend and how he changed my life.
26. turn my back on my faith or my God.
27. burn the American flag.
28. watch Steel Magnolias without crying.
29. understand racism, bigotry, or hate.
30. marry for money.
31. be a smoker (of anything, really.)
32. follow my head without first consulting my heart,
33. and vice versa.
34. get into a fist fight.
35. see Michael Jackson in concert. =(
36. quit something because I'm afraid.
37. stick with something because I'm afraid of quitting.
38. let fear control my life again.
39. let any one person control my life.
40. watch Remember the Titans without thinking of him.
41. look at my high school cheerleading outfits in the same way.
42. listen to Seal's greatest hits without a smile on my lips.
43. be a beer drinker.
44. watch the Hannah Montana movie.
45. read the Harry Potter series. (I tried, I failed, I gave up.)
46. have to give a speech starting with, "I'd like to thank the Academy...".
47. give up on the people I love.
48. give up on myself.
49. stop learning.
50. stop dreaming.

-V. O'Neel
Well, THAT was ridiculously difficult.

"Some Things Don't Work Out Like They Should" Joe Purdy
"Wash Away" Joe Purdy
"Time is Running Out" Muse


Kym said...

great list girl.. are you sure you'll never see the hannah montana movie? aren't you just a tad bit curious? hahaha! ;P

vanessasings said...

nope. not in the slightest =)

heavealie said...

heard of 100 things to do before i die but this was something different,unique.haha watch hannah potato movie that was good.why so many are unable to read the hp series i have read each book like 10 times!!!skydiving is something you should do as for fist fyt try it!!you will love it lol.nice post different from others!!

Lance Lash said...

Im stealing this website from you. I think thats what i need to help me start blogging more consistently. I never know what to write about since my life seems so ordinary and boring and i never think people want to here what i have to say since its never anything really special. <3

vanessasings said...

oh Mr. Lash, don't you know EVERYTHING you have to say is special? But yeah, it's a great tool. Steal away!

Mrs Barker said...

Great list! The only thing I'd say is give lipliner a try someday :P I only wear it once in a blue moon, but sometimes it's fun.

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