Saturday, September 19, 2009


I took off your ring today.
The silver band which encircled my finger, and ensnared my heart.
I placed the ring gently in its little box,
tied the little bow,
and placed it in the crate with all your pictures;
a razor I never returned to you,
the t-shirts you left behind,
and a sweatshirt which still bares your scent.
I boxed you up and hid you away deep inside my heart,
I boxed up your memories and hid them away deep inside my mind,
I boxed you up.
I've kept too many things for far too long.
Meaningless every day items, like your broken computer or your toothbrush.
They moved here with me back when I thought you might need them,
but now I know they will never again be used or needed.
Just like me.
You used them up and forgot about them instantly.
Just like me.

"You'll think of Me" Keith Urban

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