Thursday, April 1, 2010

the dating vows.

I will not trade intimacy for an orgasm.

I will learn from my past, not relive it.

I believe attraction and relationships are an opportunity to be blessed, and be a blessing to someone else.

I want to be loved with respectful adoration, not lustful desire.

I want to love with admiration and respect, and to be submissive and have a servant's heart, not just to fulfill some fantasy-driven gender role, but because I want to be used by God to be an earthly example of His unyielding love.

I want to be your support system, but not your crutch. Above all, I want the Lord to be my rock and yours as well.

I want us to build each other up and always be held accountable not only to each other, but to our God.

I want pleasure to come from a place of innocence and true love, not sinfulness and greed.

I must be careful with my words and actions and keep my motivations pure.

I will pray for wisdom, faith and trust. Especially for trust.

I struggle with fear and trust. I immerse myself in doubt and worry. I need to learn to let go of my constant need to know.

I can't predict the outcome of our relationship, or your actions, but I can control my actions.

Pride must be banished from my vocabulary. I should remind myself daily of the rich blessings I have been given and vow to try in earnest to be a blessing to those around me.

"Better Life" Keith Urban

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