Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When it rains...

...it POURS. Monsoon style.

So, my little sister got hit by a car yesterday. As in, she was walking on campus, crossing the street at a crosswalk, and got hit by a freakin' car! WTF? She's okay, by the way. No broken bones, just a very stiff neck and a bruised booty. But here's the kicker, the chick who decided to introduce her to the pavement, rolls down her window, makes sure she's not dead, and DRIVES AWAY. Did I mention she also hit a parked car after knocking my sister down? Who does that?

So, of course, my sis called my Dad, and then called me & I told her to call the police. A few minutes later, after the police had arrived, the crazy driver lady comes back! And instead of offering apologies, she proceeds to yell at my sister (the person she RAN OVER) for calling the cops! Um....duh! You don't get to run into a parked car...and a freakin' PERSON and then peace out and not have the cops called on you, so sorry. And furthermore, who yells at a pedestrian they just plowed over?!

Apparently is was the crazy driver lady's birthday and she was very upset at my sister for ruining it and trying to, "cause drama". Aha. Okay, then. Happy freakin' birthday lady, have fun with that karma. And maybe next time you go for a celebratory birthday drive downtown, easy on the crack, mmmk?

In other news, I just made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, at my mother's bidding, to discuss some suspicious symptoms I've been having lately. Okay, for the past few months. Nothing too major, just some weakness in my left arm, headaches, blurred vision and muscle spasms. Y'know, normal, healthy 22 year old stuff. Ugh.

Josh is handling my latest installment of crazy extremely well. I do not deserve this man.

Mantra of the week:
"For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, of love, and a sound mind."
-2 Timothy 1:7
"We Are Okay" Joshua Radin

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