Monday, April 5, 2010

Just so you know, I'm watching Sesame Street right now...

So, I offered to do sub-care for my mother's in-home daycare today, friday and the following Monday. She is going out of town this weekend, and usually has the day after Easter off, but she wanted to offer care for the parents who have to go to work today. I am currently in the presence of 2 infants under 4 months, 2 toddlers under 2 years, and 1 "almost four an a half" year old. Pray for me.

Oh, and before she left, my mother announced; "I did have a dream last night that one of the kids fell down the stairs while you were watching them and died."

Thanks, Mom.
Happy Monday, everybody! Let's make it a great week!
"Help" The Beatles

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