Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Finish Friday

Who wants to see some cheesy pics of Josh & I?
I know you do, admit it.

Someone snapped this at Josh's birthday celebration, part one =)
It was blurry, so I picnik'd it.
With lyrics from a Seal song.

His first cup of coffee after going a whopping 40 days without!
(but I'm not supposed to tell you this because you're not supposed to publicize Lent, so this'll be our little secret, k?) Isn't he cute in the morning? Love.

My fav pic from Josh's "almost" birthday celebration a couple weeks ago.
I forgot to upload them until now. He's 24,
Happy Birthday, Baby!

Friend Like You

I like the way you're not afraid,
you've got the world planned in your mind.
People say you can not do it,
but they don't know
a friend like you.

The girl you love has gone away,
still too young to know her heart.
She'll return, her love renewed,
she'll never find
a friend like you.

When I had no one to call,
all the world had shut me out.
I showed up at your door, so blue
thank God I had
a friend like you.

Anytime I've gone without
a home, a meal, a pair of shoes,
if you had three, you'd give me two,
Ain't no other
friend like you.

-Joshua Radin

Do I really need to list them? Okay, if you insist:
"A Friend Like You" Joshua Radin
"Kissed from a Rose" Seal


1 comment:

Tara said...

Love his hat! Cute pics.

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