Saturday, April 24, 2010


We've been having some crazy weather lately, always puts me in a sentimental mood =)
I snapped this photo on my way home from work

Morning, love.

I thought of you last night.

As I listened to the rain fall, tiny pindrops on the roof,

I drifted in and out of lazy sleep,

thoughts and memories of you

converging with fantasy and dreams of us.

I awoke to rolls of thunder,

but confused it for the deep pounding in my chest.

I realized then I need you next to me, now and always-

-to calm the storm of my soul

when dark clouds cast shadows of doubt.

When flashes of lightening threaten to ignite my foolish fears,

Take my hand and comfort me, shelter me in love.

Give to me the warmth of your smile

and the strength of your arms,

and I will shower you with kisses.

Stick with me through snow and hail,

and we will be blessed with years of sunshine.

Did you know,

It is so much more than my hand that you hold?

When my head is cradled in your arms,

my face buried against your chest,

You hold my heart, my life, my light!

Take care- my joy, my sweet.

Though love can be strong as steel, hearts are made of glass

Breakable. Like ice, frozen with fearful memories,

Faith and patience alone can melt.

Fall for me, darling.

I will stand by you.

"Better Life" Keith Urban
"She's My Kind of Rain" Tim McGraw
"Umbrella" Vanilla Sky

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